• Simplest Java Self-contained package - a zip of:
    • hme.jar
    • hme-host-sample.jar
    • bananas.jar (if used)
    • your code in a .jar
    • any other .jars your code needs
    • launcher.txt containing:
      • your.fully.qualified.application.ClassName
    • a .bat file containing:
      • java -cp "hme-host-sample.jar;all-your-other-jars;hme.jar;bananas.jar" —launcher launcher.txt
  • Java Packaging for a Galleon installation:
    • Place your code in a jar and any other .jars your code needs in the Galleon home directory's "hme" subdirectory.
    • Add an entry for your application in the launcher.txt file in the "hme" subdirectory e.g.:
      • your.fully.qualified.application.ClassName
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