List Of Known TiVo HME Applications

NOTE The December 2016 TiVo update broke the ability of any of these apps to play MP3 Audio (music, etc) and MP4 Video (aka MPEG4, H.264). MPEG2 Video playback was unaffected. We can only hope a later update will fix this feature (one update seems to have fixed MP3 audio in SOME models).
NOTE Video streaming (not counting "live tv" display) is only supported in Series 3 and later models.

Served Remotely (via "Manually add a Server…" or "Add an App…" on the TiVo DVR)

NOTE this feature is broken on the Bolt. It was broken in the Bolt when released and a TiVo update broke it in most models from December 2015 until February 2016. Shortly afterwards the "add" button was REMOVED from the Bolt).

  • Enter Webz: web content plus music, video, game, and weather apps by David Blackledge: ( server)
    • includes David's Archive On Demand, Radio Auricle (like live365 + Rhapsody), WordSmythe (like TiVo's WordSmith), Minesweeper (like TiVo's Kaboom!), Cribbage (multi-player), Solitaire, Freecell, current Air Quality map browser, current Lightning map browser, and also hosts the apps: R. Van Iwaarden's Jems (like TiVo's Rockswap), Gene Wadleigh's Mahjongg, early versions of TiVo's SameGame and Skull & Bones games, and a link to W. McBrine's Reversi.
  • Reversi on wmcbrine's server:
  • is a forwarding service for many remotely served applications: Shut down around 2012 :( - website has since been re-purposed for Apple TV apps.
  • mp3tunes stores your mp3 and video files so you can play them on tons of devices, including a TiVo client: (Went bankrupt in 2012)
  • Ticket Channel (Wayback) (was also listed on (doesn't work anymore)
  • playteevee (no longer available)

HME-launched Apps Served by TiVo's servers

  • games: Skull & Bones, SameGame, Wordsmith. (Flash games on Series 4 (Premiere): Blackjack, Rock Swap, Kaboom!, and Quiz Masters)
  • music: Live365, Pandora, Music Choice, Podcaster, Rhapsody, Spotify (Series 4)
  • HD Photos app (picassa, etc.)
  • Movie Tickets (Fandango) app
  • Music Choice video downloads
  • "Hidden" apps: Dominos pizza app, On Demand Video portal, Amazon On Demand
  • TiVoCast (video on demand app) with: Amazon app, Netflix app, YouTube app. Flash version on Series 4. Video Player app which streams video larger than 1.1G
  • TiVo Search Beta and TiVo Search (hdui) and Swivel Search and Guru Guides or KidZone and Buy a TiVo Premiere and Credit Card update and Survey and "HME is Down"
  • removed: Yahoo! Traffic and Weather
  • Virgin Media only: Ebay, Twitter, Weather, Millionaire

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