HME Undocumented Constants

Seen in errors (on either a TiVo HD or Series 3):
handleApplicationError(100,rendered text exceeded max allowed dimensions of 1920x1080)
public static final int LIMIT_TEXT_RENDER_WIDTH=1920;
public static final int LIMIT_TEXT_RENDER_HEIGHT=1080;

Seen a few later (on a TiVo HD):
"handleApplicationError(100,image exceeded max # of pixels 2073600 (1920x1080))" - so limits are higher on HD systems than SDK's SD limits (is this already documented in the "experimental" SDK?)… but the numbers are identical to text render, too, so perhaps it's a single new maximum for views.

/** Media status code, resource at end of stream. */
public static final int RSRC_STATUS_END = 11;
/** Media status code, resource at end of available buffer. */
public static final int RSRC_STATUS_BUFFER_OVERFLOW = 12;

* according to error logged (on a Mini):
* "max sound bytes exceeded (64164 > 16000)"<BR/>
* You could create a compatible file with ffmpeg: <BR/>
* ffmpeg -i sample.mp3 -f s16le -ar 8000 -ac 1 -fs 15600 -acodec pcm_s16le sample.snd <BR/>
* (adjust -fs value lower or higher to get output file of 16000 bytes or less
* - it's used as more of a guideline by ffmpeg)
public static final int LIMIT_SOUND_NBYTES = 16000;

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