HD Java Development Kit

http://hmehd.sourceforge.net/ by, I believe, the same author as Galleon.
This was apparently a predecessor of hme 1.4.1e and bananas 1.3.1e. It requires the original hme/bananas libraries.
Last development was July 2007 (as of 2012).

hme Java SDK 1.4.1e and Bananas 1.3.1e were released in October 2007 and have support for HD resolution changing (e.g. bananas screens now wait for a "target resolution" to be achieved before the screen transitions) but it's incomplete - for instance, bananas doesn't come with a skin that works in 1080i.

hmehd DOES have some HD skin files, so it's possible the two could be combined to get the job done.

hmehd also has some concept of HD skin handling when I don't think bananas 1.3.1e does.

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