Like Apps.tv, EnterWebz.tv can serve as a clearinghouse for other servers.

Specifically, it supports links of the form "hme://server:port/matchingName" to launch an app on another server.
It will connect to server's IP address for a TiVoConnect file, search it for an entry whose URI starts with "matchingName" and launch that. If it doesn't find one, it attempts to explicitly launch an app at server's IP address, on port, with exactly the URI "matchingName"

http://EnterWebz.tv also servers its own content.
Mainly an app that is a rudimentary web browser, turning Mobile websites into HME apps, and some of its own served games and other apps.
Latest default list of Enter Webz server content
Non-web custom HME apps served from EWz:

  • Archive On Demand (archive.org video and audio browser and player)
  • Radio Auricle (music and radio shows)
  • WordSmythe (replacement for TiVo's "WordSmith")
  • old versions of TiVo's removed SameGame and Skulls & Bones
  • Cribbage game (single/multiplayer)
  • Lightning Map (Blitzortung.org)
  • Air Quality Map (airnow.gov)
  • Mahjongg game (originally by Gene Wadleigh)
  • Jems (by R. Van Iwaarden)
  • Solitaire game
  • Freecell game
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