Enter Webz links

Links to useful web pages that work well with Enter Webz on the TiVo, as well as hme: url links to known remote server applications.
We recommend you keep a thumztak of this page in Enter Webz to see updates.
Default links used in Enter Webz

Nice websites for use with Enter Webz

Cogeco Usage
Google GMail (mobile) or GMail (plain html) Google Voice (mobile) Google Tasks (mobile)
Yahoo! (mobile) - Finance, Sports, News, etc. - mail, calendar, etc. might work, too.
Facebook (mobile) Twitter (mobile)
Weather Underground (mobile) weather.gov
Wikipedia (mobile) Definr Internet Movie Database (mobile)
Archive.org (public domain text, audio (mp3s), and video (mpeg/mp4))
PBS Video featured full episodes from PBS ; Popular ; Expiring ; Episode search
XKCD comic XKCD explained
MTV (includes promo videos)
Internet Radio Shoutcast list of Internet Radio streams
(m.tivo.com TiVo mobile usefulness removed 6/2013)
NASA rss feeds with video

tagged flickr images
[​https://www.flickr.com/explore/interesting/7days/ flickr interesting last 7 days]
flickr feeds
flickr public photos feed
Smile! slideshow

Websites that might work with Enter Webz

Daily Rainfall maps from CoCoRaHS
delete me
Google Calendar link 2 link 3 (mobile)
Best Mobile Websites for Tiny Browsers comments page
mobi*List - mobile-friendly websites
http://www.mp3skull.com/ http://www.amctv.com/videos
videosearch.tv whitehouse weekly address serialexperience chandra cnet news hd cnet podcasts list
list of tivo's old podcast providers
podcast directory (iphone) podcast directory (mobile) list of podcast lists!
charlyrics Bad chartlyrics search
natgeo on instagram natgeo blog
photobucket photobucket funnies photobuck animated one at a time

apps.tv "replacements"

Amazon http://m.amazon.com
FireDispatch http://www.firedispatch.com/
Flickr http://m.flickr.com/
HotOrNot http://m.hotornot.com (doesn't work)
InteracTrivia (interactrivia.com is now http://hoonyoo.com)
Last.fm http://m.last.fm/
Late Night Guide http://www.interbridge.com/lineupsdate.html
MP3Tunes http://www.mp3tunes.com/m (hme: link below, but turned off when they went bankrupt)
PonyPoker ?
SkullBones (see below hme: link)
Sudoku http://www.websudoku.com/
Sudoku solver http://www.solvemysudoku.com/
tictactoe http://noveltheory.com/tictac/ or as a math game: http://www.funbrain.com/cgi-bin/ttt.cgi?A1=s&A2=11&A3=0
twitter http://m.twitter.com
web-a-photo & web-a-tune ?
wordgrid ?
Framechannel ?
Reversi (see below hme: link)
TicketChannel ?

Servers (via "hme:" URLs that only work from Enter Webz):

(wikidot requires "hme:" to be in IFRAMES)

TiVo's applications (at
almost all of these are gone in 2016


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